Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wonderful Trip to Washington DC - Two

We spent the 23rd night at hotel Holiday Inn. Some of our fellow tourists were accommodated at Hilton. Hotel was fine so every thing was at the reach, we enjoyed sound sleep. Early in the morning my wife prepared coffee from the stuffed available there. Next day i.e. on 24th July we woke up early in the morning. At 7.15 our bus leaves the hotel for next destination. First of all we came to 1300 Maine Ave South West Washington DC. Here a number of motor boats were waiting for the tourists. At the shore of the river Potomac there were people from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia with their traditional dresses, making the spot colorful and more attractive. In our Bus there were good number of Indian papa mummies with their sons and daughters-in-law, ladies with sadies and bilauzs, suits and gents with shirt, paints 'T' shirts and shorts. Chinese and Japanese were ahead of Indians in quantity. Others were either american or european. Few little kids were also attracting the attention while making their funny noises. The Guide signaled and we entered in the Motor Boat named Celebrity Cruise, its capacity was approximately 100 plus. Charges were $ 22/- per adult and $ 12/- per child. The journey was maximum for 60 minutes covering the areas more than 30 kilo meters onward and inward
trip . We took photos of the entire covering areas. The cruise trip was memorable. Than we went to Ex President Thomas Jefferson's ( 1822-26) memorial building. Other attraction s of the Capita are National Aquarium, Washington National Cathedral, Dar Museum, Hill Wood Estate, Museum and Garden, Science Museum, Mammals museum. The National Archives Experience - Home of the declaration of Independence , the Constitution, and the bill of rights. Apart from there are reputed and renowned hotels with luxurious things and for visitor's comforts are available. Restaurants with various qualities foods, shopping centers, Malls are the attraction of the capital.

White House
Than we came to see the House of most powerful President, President of America located at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue NW in Washington DC. The term White House is regularly used as a metonym for the executive office of the President of United States of America and for the President's administrations and advisers in general. In reality it is white in color and very attractive and beautiful. To make it different and more popular, it was designed by Irish born James Hoban and built between 1792 and 1800, white painted Aqua sandstone in neoclassical style were applied. Its lawn covered with silky grass in front of the house. The house is surrounded by strong iron gate guarded by trained special security guards equipped with modern weapons and ammunition, the White House is completely secured in the State of Washington DC. It is made up of six stories with two stories basement.
After completing 2 days tour of Washington and surrounding ares we came back to New York on sunday night.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wonderful trip to Washington DC

First time I came to America with my wife in September 2003. Rajesh was at Western side at Utah, so we landed at Las Angles International Air Port and thereafter we took domestic Air Lines up to Salt Lake city Utah. During our stay there we visited all the states i.e. Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona. In Nevada the most attractive and popular place is Las begus which has a numbers of sky touching hotels. Casino is popular in Las Begus. During weekend people from far flung areas comes to Las Begus, enjoyed there with all types of 
entertainments including playing cards, casino and other likewise games,  some loses their hard earnings and some goes winning full of bags with money. Though most of the part of the region are dry without trees and plants  with  ugly and rough  mountains, even than the people of the areas have made the whole part attractive, beautiful and tourist spot. People around the world come here for sight scene.  In side the mountains man made tunnels and nature had created so many colorful objects making it wonder of the wonder.  The UTAH state government organizes winter olympic games every after four years, inviting international players and games lovers . To accommodate them there are hotels, restaurants,  Malls, Cosco, Shopco and other comfortable view points. The Sun set at Salt Lake is an  attraction.  This area is covered by Pacific Ocean where as the eastern region of america surrounded by Atlantic Ocean. In 2005 Rajesh has shifted from Utah to New York and since than we are continuously  coming to america every year for six months to New York. During all these years we got golden opportunities to see the historical, geographical, natural and  man made wonderful creations of the land. We went across the great ocean through, long heavy and strong bridges, tunnels (under the sea) to New Jersey, Concord, Massachusetts, New Hempashar, Vermont,  Boston, Pannsylvenia, Philadelphia, New England,Phalorida. Every State has been constructed systematically designed by the architect. Roads are wide, clean and  best serviceable conditions. Highways are straight  without hurdle with so many fly-overs to enable smooth running of vehicles. Laws of the country are so strong and to be followed  by everyone. Drivers are to  maintain their vehicle's speed and lane discipline which caused  few road accidents occurred.  
      Last year i.e. in 2010 we have a wonderful trip to Niagara Falls. This is one of the wonder situated between Canada and American border on niagara river. It is in two parts. American Falls and Horseshoe Falls.   The Naigara Falls State Park's breathtaking beauty attracts the visitors. To reach near the falls there is boat journey facility available from the base of the observation tower at prospect point.  Other attractions. i.e. Cave of the Winds, Niagara Aquarium (1500 aquatic animals  as sea lions, sharks, penguin etc ). Niagara Legends of Adventure Theatre where visitors can see the film related to the history of niagara river and falls. Visitors can use friendly  trolly  for an overview of the niagara falls state park. Restaurants to provide lunch, dinners are available around.  There are so many places and view points of  knowledgeable and adventurous tourist spots at every step in this country. 

Towards Washington DC
Washington DC is the capital of United State of America. This State is situated in South of New York. This year we came to America  on 11th July. From Manhattan the tourist buses are available for every States. To go to any part of the country,  advance booking is necessary so we booked 3 tickets in advance for 2 days tour to Washington DC. On 23rd of July we ( me, my wife and Karan ) woke up early in the morning, reached China Town by our own Car at 0700. The Bus Agency Bus took us to Bawery street, New York city. From there we start our journey to Washington DC at 8.00. In route we come across the main city and places like Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Baltimore (Maryland). Bus No 1069 was suited for long journey trip  having comfortable seats.  Though temperature was 106 (equal to 42 degree at Delhi) even than we enjoyed the sight scene, greenery, forests, lakes, tunnels, bridges, rivers and so many natural and man made creations. There was no hurdle, no rash, no obstacles. Road was so nice, clean road worthy,  wide. Drivers were following the traffic rules  and taking the proper lane. We reached Washington DC at about 4.00 PM.   First we entered National Air Space building. We shaw the picture "man landed on the moon and collecting its piece of stones".  Shuttles, rocket, heavy and big machines are there. The complete history of human efforts to reach up to the space and beyond space, up to moon, mercury, Mars and even to venus.  Then we shaw the buildings of House of Senate and House of Representatives. After that we got an opportunity to see the Ibraham Lincoln's memorial building. He was a great and popular President of United State of America. To reach up to the statue  of Lincoln we covered 59 steps including the last 18 steps of marbles. The memorial building has been constructed and designed by an expert architect. It has 36 strong pillars around. The significant of this memorial bulding is that it is situated in the straight line of house of representative at one side and memorial US capital in centre. In south there is a beautiful lake and in front of the statue is a lawn decorated with soft green grass.     ( continue in second part)

India v/s England - Ist cricket Match

The first test match was played between India and England at Lords' where Sachin couldn't do any magic. Though India won the toss but elected to field first. England made 474/8 declared +
 269/6 d. Peterson made 202 not out, Trott 70, M J Prior 71 and Bell 45.  Praveen Kumar took 5 wickets and ish kumar 4 wks in second inning. Harbhajan neither did in bowling(1 wk) nor in batting. In reply India could made only 286 + 261, Mukund, 49 + 12 Rahul 103 (NO) +36, Sachin 34 + 22, Laxman 10+56, Raina 0 + 78 (1 wk), Dhoni 28+16.   England won the first match by 196. It was a shameful defeat for India. Gambhir the opener batsman injured so Zaheer Khan. Is it the sign of  declining under the leadership of M S Dhoni or some thing will suddenly happened.? It is nature raising sun shuts in west. It raises in East and in Cricket field India is in East after Australia and New Zealand.  Moreover we Indian pay our respects with pure water to sun every day. In return we gets boon of victory, so let us hope for the best. Wait the next match is  approaching and nocking the doors of cricket lovers. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cricket match between India and England

Yes Our cricket team is in England. The fist test match is in progress. today is the second day i.e. on 22 July> Though India won the toss but elected to field. First day rain spoiled the  play and England was 127/2 at the end. Second day favoring England.  Peterson has completed his century, presently he is playing  with his own score is 106 and total is 270/4. Zahir Khan snatched 2 wickets and Praveen Kumaar also got two wickets.